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 UMDumper™ 0.2.4

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PostSubject: UMDumper™ 0.2.4   Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:17 am

Use of UMDumper is subject to the following conditons:
- You may distribute UMDumper in its original form without modification. But you must email
me (the author) to say where it is being hosted.
- You may not modify UMDumper. If you wish to translate the application, please email me to
become an official translator
- You must not use UMDumper for the purpose of infringing copyright law. This includes
but is not limited to copying disks you do not own and distributing dumped images.


UMDumper - Version 0.2.4D
(Development Build)
For 3.xx firmware. tongue
UMDumper is for making backups of
your legally owned game UMD's for
your own personal use.
I do not endorse piracy of software
and I urge people to buy the games
they play to support game developers.
Version History:
- Finally fixed the crash if you
tried to exit with no UMD inserted.
- GUI revamp and new menu system.
- Breakout Minigame!
- Speed improvements to CSO Mode.
- Added option to clock the PSP to
333mhz for increased speed while
dumping (Especially in CSO mode)
- Fixed bug where >4GB free space
showed a negative value.
- Made readme display wider.
- CSO/ZLib Compression support!
Level 1 gives the least reduction
in size with the best loading time.
Level 9 gives the best reduction
in size with slower loading times.
- Check there is enough free space
before starting a dump.
- Minor speed improvement for
ISO mode.
- Improved memory usage
- Create ISO folder if it doesn't
already exist
- Fixed exception if you exit the
with no UMD inserted
- Fixed bug where >2GB free space
showed a negative value
- Added message dialogs
- Check if the target file exists
and ask to overwrite it
- Better error checking
- General improvements to the GUI
- Fixed a bug checking free space
after a rip
- Fixed checking free space after
canceling mid-dump
- Fixed bug where end of ISO
got padded sometimes
- Added debug output
- Changed progress bar colors
and moved text
- Now shows disc ID
smile psp ok lol



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PostSubject: Re: UMDumper™ 0.2.4   Sat Mar 21, 2009 6:48 am

good job
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UMDumper™ 0.2.4
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